A stuffing we shall go

I bought my parter a sausage maker and stuffing kit for his birthday. He is a food enthusiast and excellent cook and the idea of a sausage maker came up earlier in the year (along with magimix and new knives). Sausage making lost favour in the UK in the 1980s and 1990s but is having a nice revival. Go to Borough market or any local farmers market and you’ll see a vast array of locally produced sausages.

I like sausages but I won’t eat low-quality ones. The “British Banger” has been dumbed down to a horrible, fatty congealed lump rather than a hearty sausage. I shudder to think about what is in something like Tesco Value sausages. The joy of this machine is that we can control what goes in the sausages – choosing lean meat, reducing the amount of rusk (or eliminating) and therefore being able to influence the fat content. A good sausage with seasonl vegetables is a great meal in itself.

As we experiment I’ll post the results on here. Would also be great to hear from others who have tried this.

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