I’m so disgusting

Some men look great even when perspiring. It being Wimbledon season, why not have a picture of Nadal to illustrate this obvious point? And increasingly obvious to me is that I don’t look amazing when sweaty and horrible.

When I was at my fattest three years ago I started to walk to work. My workplace is in the same town, just up a long hill. I would struggle and arrive looking so hideous I used to hide in my office so nobody would see me until I was more presentable. I had a change of clothes too. It didn’t encourage my walking and made me feel more disappointed with myself.

These days I don’t have such a problem with the hill and walk to work daily. But my daily routine is utterly bizarre because of this same issue. I drive to my work gym, do my exercise, drive straight home again – shower and drink my breakfast juice before walking to work. This is because the showers in the gym are pretty rubbish and it involves carrying a big rucksack with clothes, towels and toiletries. I just resent that I can’t get my life in order sufficiently not to drive that unneccesary journey.

Goodness knows what’ll happen when I start to cycle.

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One Response to I’m so disgusting

  1. SR says:

    Lycra will happen ! 🙂

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