Suffering for my music

One of my favourite Jazz artists is Lianne Carroll who I have seen perform a couple of times at Abbeyfest in Merton. If you haven’t been to Abbeyfest it’s well worth going to. It was easy for me – I lived just two streets away.

Ronnie Scotts is still the premier jazz venue in London but with ticket prices at around £50 it’s not really that affordable. The compromise is the well established Pizza Express Jazz Club which has big name acts at a more affordable £25 price range.

I like Pizza Express but rarely go. Their pizza prices are fine but everything else not so – and £5 for a pre-made frozen dessert is nonsense. But, clearly, Pizza Express is not great for those on diets let alone low-carb. A few years back my friend visited for the weekend which resulted in us eating pizza. At the time I was on the Cambridge diet and solid food, let along high-carb pizza, wasn’t a good combination. It made me feel awful.  Having just started back on the low-carb plan, I cannot allow it to be so easily compromised.

So Lianne will have to wait….

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