This blog started off as a vent on my weight loss.

I’ve never really been called “fatty” but have been described as being a bit of a bear. At the age of 35 and having been morbidly obese for many of those years, I recognise things must change. I spend a lot of time every day thinking about my weight, chastising myself for my behaviour.

My recent “worst” weight was 119kg and my target, initially, is 95. That would still make be morbidly obese but it is a great start.

The name “Shape 0” came from a joke Sandi Toksvig made on the News Quiz: – paraphrased as “Most girls seem to want to be a size 0, my generation had to be content with a shape 0”

My passions in life are politics, good food, music and cars. Not always in that order. Obesity is increasingly important in public policy and of course some newspapers love pointing the finger at fattys. Some of this is justified, a lot of it may not be….

So this blog is about weight loss, it is also about life, being gay,  secularism, politics and other random non-stuff. I tend to take myself too seriously so hope this doesn’t.